💥Just released!!! 💥

📽️🎬 I’m very excited to announce my new Skillshare class Paper Marbling: Explore Monotype on Water😍 This technique is pure magic and you always create a one-of-a-kind artwork with it 😱☺️ I've spent almost all of my paper and art supplies in the last couple of weeks, just couldn't stop marbling💃
Hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do!

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It's alive! New class is online

💥It's alive! It's alive!💃 My new Skillshare class on Fashion Illustration is On Air 😊💓👉

Ура! 🎬 Huge thanks to Hahnemühle and MailChimp for your support.

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Freistil 6 — The Book of Illustrators

Can't wait to share my excitement! 💥Dreams coming true 🖌️😍The new Freistil - The Book of Illustrators is OUT and my works are inside.
I wanted to be featured in this book since the first time I saw it several years ago during one of Europe trips and now I can hold it in my greedy hands 🤗
Huge thanks to Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Raban Ruddigkeit, Karin Schmidt-Friderichs, Sarah Schnurbus

Victorinox — Places of the World 2018 Winner

I'm thrilled to announce my work "Saint Petersburg Guardians" won 1st Place Community Award in Victorinox this year’s Classic Limited Edition theme – Places of the World. More than 800 submitted wonderful artworks ended with 46610 votes! Ahhh, thank you!!

"As a child I strolled the streets of Leningrad (now St.Petersburg) and observed how diverse my beautiful city was. Inspired by the legends and Peter The Great historical heritage, everyone in my hometown knows these stories. One of the legends tells about sky guardians, powerful patrons, who protect the city and preserve its treasures. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is a symbol of such a legend and I gave it a birds-eye-view to emphasize this idea".


Just released!!!

💥Just released!!! 💥📽️🎬My creative friends, I’m very excited to announce a new Skillshare class on Monotype.

Monotype is such a rewarding technique (mix of drawing and printmaking)! Once I’ve got started I literally couldn’t stop and used all the paper I had at home) 🗞️📃📃

Hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do!

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It's alive! It's alive!

I'm very-very glad to share my new Skillshare class on Patterns! Hope to see you there)

William Morris Style: three ways of Creating a Botanical Pattern in Photoshop and by hand

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Berlin.Stadt.Magazin Exhibition

So excited to have my very Berlin'ish work selected for the group exhibition Berlin.Stadt.Magazin – 45 Jahre tip Berlin + 40 Jahre Zitty by the famous Zitty Berlin magazine and Tip Berlin at Neurotitan Gallery in Haus Schwarzenberg!

The exhibition is opened till 22 of April in the wonderful Hackescher Markt area. Check the opening video for the atmosphere:

New Skillshare class

Happy to announce our new Skillshare class Commercial illustration: Creating a City Postcard with Gouache and Photoshop. Here is a small introduction video, and the full class you can find on Skillshare.  Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback, it's very encouraging!

n this class I'll take you through my step-by-step process to create a commercial illustration for a Berlin postcard.

We’ll combine two worlds of physical and digital to create a soulful authentic product, like using traditional gouache paint to add an artistic feel to our work. The technique combines hand-drawn textures with Photoshop resulting in a wonderful print-ready postcard that can be used as merchandise or as a gift.

By the end of this class you’ll learn some important principles of commercial illustration and incorporate them in your own work. Both advanced and beginner creatives can benefit from this class!

Skillshare class

Skillshare class is finally live! I'm very excited to announce "Inks: 5 Effects to add a dramatic impact to your illustration" workshop!

Ever wondered how just a simple brush stroke can catch the viewer's attention and cause a huge emotional reaction?

In this class I’ll show you my 5 favorite inking tips and tricks which can add a dramatic effect to your illustration, design or any artwork. Many of them I use in my works. By the end of this class you will know how easily and quickly with some inks strokes you can lead the viewer's eye and bring any image to live.

Beauty is all around us, and and I'm very excited to show interpretation of it in this particular way!

The class link: http://skl.sh/2hP1R7E

New soft touch business cards!

I'm very excited to receive these awesome soft touch business cards by MOO

Ok, now it's almost impossible to say, which one from this treasure box I like most :))

New Visions Exhibition

I'm proud to take part in "New Visions" exhibit held by Society of Illustrators, New York

The Society is proud to showcase a selection of work from our Illustrator-S members representing artists of diverse and unique talent under the age of 32 who have chosen to support our mission early in their careers.

Society of illustrators, New York. Anna Sokolova. New Visions

Since its inception in 1901, the Society, through its many distinguished members, has sought to promote the art of illustration. A prime requisite of membership is the active participation by each individual, and of the organization as a whole, to give voice to the spirit and being of the Society. 

Our members support the Society's mission of promoting the art of illustration by appreciating its history and evolving nature through exhibitions, lectures and education.

Artists are inducted into the Society membership based on their body of work.  Each Illustrator-S member has been accepted because of their tremendous talent and artistic skill, and these young members have begun to take on an active role in the community. We are proud to display a collection of pieces by our future leaders of the industry. "

Johnny Dombrowski art

Exhibition! Soceity of Illustrators, New York

I'm so excited to take part in Exhibition "Artists illustrating artists", which is opened this Tuesday!! My illustration "Ivan Bilibin" is on display at the Society of Illustrators, NY in New York from June 9th - August 15th, 2015.


Detail from my work, which is currently on display at the Society of Illustrators, NY in New York from June 9th - August 15th, 2015.

Some backstage shots


Выставка одной картины: FUTURUM II Анна Соколова

Скоро скоро в Центре Искусства и Музыки библиотеки им. Маяковского на Невском 20 откроется выставка FUTURUM II с моим психоделическим космонавтом:)


Exhibition poster. "One painting exhibition: FUTURUM II" by Anna Sokolova

Центр искусства и музыки библиотеки Маяковского, НТЦ Микроэлектроники РАН и ООО «Ленц» представляют проект «Выставка одной картины».

Данный цикл выставок позволит взглянуть на известных и любимых художников в новом свете в прямом смысле – т.е. в новом освещении. НТЦ Микроэлектроники РАН и ООО «Ленц» предоставляют Центру уникальный осветительный прибор.

Интеллектуальный светильник создан на основе принципа динамического RGB-цветосмешения и управляется компьютерной программой. Новые технологии RGB-светодиодного освещения позволяют менять цветовую температуру при освещении различных полотен, обеспечивая «индивидуальную» настройку для наилучшего восприятия цветовой палитры конкретной картины.

Проект станет экспериментальной площадкой для работы с принципиально новым освещением. Центр видит свою основную задачу в данном проекте в разработке оптимальных критериев и методики освещения, которые помогут создавать комфортную световую среду для произведения искусства. Проект можно назвать интерактивным, поскольку для создания методики необходимо активное участие зрителей.


Винтажный Петербург, новая серия

Маленькая заметка о новой серии Винтажный Санкт-Петербург, которая сейчас уже есть в продаже в Доме Книги (Дом Зингера) и магазине Подписные издания.

Скоро появятся новые иллюстрации:)

И подробный пост с процессом рисования)

Спасибо Magniart за интеренсй проект и качественную печать)


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Exhibition Alert!

I'm so excited to announce that this Fatman and Cancan lover is now part of the Society of Illustrators 57 Annual exhibition held in New York right now.

Too bad I can't accompany the illustration in this trip but it's nice to think it's over the ocean now, can't wait to get the book.

"All Power to the Soviets!"

Interesting project I've been working on recently. It depicts  history of Russian Restaurant business and made for Chita City News portal. Starting from 19th Century with its refined restaurants, right through Socialism, New Economy Politics, "90s" to present times.

Each period has its own bright point and atmosphere. For example this particular period of Russian New Economic Policy is titled "All Power to the Soviets!" according famous Lenin's Call.


Thanks for watching! Some journey to history is here (in Russian).

Mail Me Art: Open All Hours

I'm excited to be a Part of Mail Me Art: Open All Hours project created by Little Chimp Society. This time work was a bit challenging, 'cause artist had to paint straight on the paper card (which had specific texture) and there wasn't place for a mistake (only happy incidents :)

My illustration is called "Durch Zweifeln zur Gewißheit" which in German literally means "Through Doubts to Confidence".

We've also made a "Making of" video depicting some process.

Atmospheric music is created by Modkot.

Here you can see that the card made a looong jpurney to the Saint Petersburg central Post Office. Hopefully art arrives in UK soon! Stay tuned!

Single cover for Leningrad band

New interesting project - covers for single of Leningrad band (famous band from Saint Petersburg actually:) 

The single called "Saint Laurent Dress" and guys wanted to have the red dotted pattern on the cover. The whole idea is as usually very sarcastic and has this even burlesque and absurd feel.


Both covers are used for different web presentations. Illustration with a hat is an allusion to famous Saint Laurent's magazine ads:)



Facebook and other design was produced by guys from Insight Agency

Official Leningrad site

Thanks for watching!:)

Иллюстрация для сингла группы Ленинград "Платье".


Spring or Autumn?

Seems like spring is pretty near but as always in St.Petersburg it's freezy cold and grey. That reminded me of an autumn painting which was made several months ago.

The main goal was to show the atmosphere and the mood using warm colour palette and a bit transparent and unclear composition.

The original has a little another colour tone, This tint was made digitally in Photoshop

First the sketch on canvas was made – on that stage I’ve imagined the composition pretty different.

I'm using cotton and linen canvases mostly

But as usual you should be flexible and move with the painting while it starts to appear more clear. At first the whole image of house and forest was about to be on the painting, but stroke after stroke the conception has changed).



Below you can see the brush strokes and texture more closely

Hope you ejoy this mood too!